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Unprecedented change and extreme VUCA has extracted an enormous economic cost and a considerable human toll.

While it is comforting to seek a return to the way it was and to recover what has been lost that may be impossible. Our behaviours have changed. Markets have been altered. We work differently.

If it is not in the nature of your company to hope for the best or if recovery is not good enough then seek something better.

Step forward into the future of your design by exploring your company’s potential and possibilities to become better, to do better work and work better together.

Advancement is never easy and is even harder in challenging times. But then “anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm”*.

Navigate the chaos, eliminate uncertainty, and reduce risk. Find you’re better with a practically inspiring keynote on thriving in challenging and changing conditions.

VUCA; volatility, uncertainty, chaos, and ambiguity

David’s work offers a fresh, inclusive framework for future success that will become a reference for thinking differently about the potential and possibilities of your organization and the people within it. David not only proves that our issues are not as unique as we think or as difficult to resolve as we believe, but actively engages you in the pursuit of what is possible. Drawing on universal lessons and timeless concepts, everyone in every type of organization can benefit from the views and practices of this successful precedent.

Stephen G. Wetmore,
CEO, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

Set the tone – and the energy level

of your next conference, offsite or meeting with an actionable virtual keynote on performance effectiveness.

David’s inspiring talk helped our team to think differently about our business. For the rest of our planning session we referred to his talk as a new way of looking at things.

Lisa Citton-Battel,
Director of Human Resources, 3M Canada

Thriving in Change
Human potential is your greatest renewable resource and competitive advantage. Learn to unleash the potential of your company with three acts of faith that lead to lasting success.
Designing Thriving Organizations
Effectiveness matters more than efficiency now. Learn why human-centered companies with thriving performance ecosystems make the most of their company’s potential and market possibilities.

David’s message of human potential at the centre of a powerful force for change is an important one for all businesses. Creating change requires us to adapt our mindset so we may work and think in the future. David’s talk has many good ideas on how to do this.

Carlo Longo, President,
Interporto Della Toscana Centrale Spa, Italy

The Keys to Your Best Effing Culture
Culture is strategy. Let’s get that out of the way.

Culture is more than foosball and free lunch. Effective cultures are a Culture of Things (CoT). They are a unique mix of values, beliefs, systems and structures. How you mix your Culture of Things and the resulting alchemy determines the stickiness and substance of your culture. It determines who chooses your organization and why. It determines who stays with your organization and why.

Find out how your Culture of Things will raise your organizational effectiveness to new heights.

This keynote presentation is ideal for Talent managers, HR and those interested in improving cultural dynamics.
Where are the Effing Customers?
No one likes to be sold to but everyone is selling something. How does that work?

It works when you shift from the transaction model to a new way to make more sales by creating effective customers. Find out what makes an effective customer. Successfully bridge your organization’s purpose, your brand promise and your product benefits.

Delight, inspire and persuade your newly effective customers.

This keynote presentation is ideal for Sales and Marketing teams and organizations seeking better market performance and customer relationships.
Better Than Now

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