Exceptional Growth.
Uncommon Advantage.
Continual Relevance.

Welcome to Incomparable.

Near-constant disruption is upending your company.

Employees and customers are in a state of continual unease.  

For some, it is now a very real question of survival.*

Solve the disruption problems getting in the way of your success

Welcome to your new operating system
for the age of disruption.

This has never been more important than right now.

You are working in an era of unprecedented challenges. 

Your company is altered; the business model, culture, customer and supplier relationships. 

Business is different now.

Employees and customers are altered; post-pandemic stresses, work-life balance, hybrid work environments.

Work is different now.

You are altered; near-constant disruption is clouding your vision, chipping away at your certainty and eroding your confidence. 

Leading is different now.

What do these uncommon situations have in common?

Markets and the companies that serve them are human.

What disrupts markets and companies are not just events like the pandemic or a recession BUT the unplanned for changes in employee and customer needs and behaviours caused by these events.

The #1 reason why growth targets, innovation and, attraction and retention fails is a misread of employee and customer needs and behaviours.

The solution for thriving in the age of disruption?

Don’t chase the change event.  

Respond to the change in needs and behaviours that emerge from the change event.

In our experience, this is where the exceptional opportunities are because


Is built on relevant solutions that meet employee and customer priority needs and behaviours.


Is created on proactive, meaningfully differentiated solutions that become essential to the success of employees and customers.


comes from satisfying the most powerful need and behaviour of human nature – our desire to be better.

Our needs change continually. The core of human nature and our powerful desire to be better does not.
Your read and response to both is the difference between thriving and surviving.

All of this was far easier in the old world of stable markets and manageable change.

But the old-world business models just do not cut it. They were built for the era of predictable markets and steady returns. It is old-school now.

In fact, 90% of leaders agree that business as usual does not work in the age of disruption* because it signals to employees and customers a complacency and preference for the past.

For some, the old-world way remains the right choice.

For others, there is a nagging feeling that the old-world way is not right.

For them there is

A system that transforms your place of work into a venue for exceptional growth and human performance.

Fields, rinks, courts and stages are the place where athletes and artists give their best performance.

Your company, division or department becomes the field, rink, court or stage on which your employees and customers can be their best – every day.

Unlike traditional business management models that focus on the success of the leader OR the team OR the customer, this new system focuses on the sustainable success of all three, together, in real time.

It is the ultimate triple play that will transform your good company, division, department or team into a venue for

Exceptional Growth

for the company and its people

Uncommon Advantage

for you, employees, customers and your products and services

Continual Relevance

for the company and you.

A venue for business so exceptional that employees and customers want to spend their time and money in it. 

A venue for business so exceptional that employees and customers respect and revere it as their first and best choice. Separate, font increase

This is the art and science of Incomparability, the go-to strategy for the age of disruption.

David’s work offers a fresh, inclusive framework for future success that will become a reference for thinking differently about the potential and possibilities of your organization and the people within it. David not only proves that our issues are not as unique as we think or as difficult to resolve as we believe, but actively engages you in the pursuit of what is possible. Drawing on universal lessons and timeless concepts, everyone in every type of organization can benefit from the views and practices of this successful precedent.

Stephen W, CEO
Major National Retailer

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