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Do you see opportunity in the fog of change? Do you recognize potential despite struggling to survive?
In all the uncertainty are you sure of one thing: That your company is capable of more.
Then it is time to Thrive.

Are you a leader feeling stuck, or are you struggling with change, the pandemic, and being overwhelmed by the complexity of business today? Sometimes it feels like there are too many issues and opportunities, too much data, and this hyper-responsive environment means we have no time to think, plan, or consider. Something needs to change as you recognize the status quo methods just are not effective in today’s environment. Make uncertainty a thing of the past when you design your future with Thrive.

Imagine what your company becomes when you unlock its potential?

Individual Needs
We designed our pricing so that companies of any size can use it, even cash-strapped startups.
You can turn anything that can be expressed in SQL and R into a watchdog service within minutes.
Do Better Work
Sell more
Better products and services
Better customer relationships
Work Better
Make more
Balance your need for efficiency with customer need for effectiveness
Teamwork, collaboration and innovation
Make the most of what you have
Be more
Better use of systems and processes
Resilient culture
Unleashed employee skills and talents

SPEAKER & FACILITATORDavid Edward Founder of SIG

Solve the key issues blocking your company from becoming better

Create your vision and take the all-important first steps to a better company

Unlock your company’s potential and discover new opportunities for success

Make it happen – fast with agile execution of your best solutions and opportunities

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We help companies become better!

David’s work offers a fresh, inclusive framework for future success that will become a reference for thinking differently about the potential and possibilities of your organization and the people within it. David not only proves that our issues are not as unique as we think or as difficult to resolve as we believe, but actively engages you in the pursuit of what is possible. Drawing on universal lessons and timeless concepts, everyone in every type of organization can benefit from the views and practices of this successful precedent.
Stephen G. Wetmore
Former CEO, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited
David’s inspiring talk helped our team to think differently about our business. For the rest of our planning session we referred to his talk as a new way of looking at things.
Lisa Citton-Battel
Director of Human Resources, 3M Canada
David’s message of human potential at the centre of a powerful force for change is an important one for all businesses. Creating change requires us to adapt our mindset so we may work and think in the future. David’s talk has many good ideas on how to do this.
Carlo Longo
President, Interporto Della Toscana Centrale Spa, Italy
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