Innovation in Crisis

Katherine Haine, President & CEO of CityMedia interviews David Edward, Founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, about how to identify and manage the top 3 problems business owners face today. Watch the full interview below.

3 Ways to Improve Efficiency and Do Better Work

Would you operate your business differently if it made your company more resilient, innovative and responsive? Your answer would likely be yes, sure I would. If operating differently made your company less efficient would you do it? Your answer would likely be no, not sure I would. Your skepticism is well-founded. Running less efficiently is […]

4 Action Steps to Thrive in 2021

We are not in business to just survive. We build organizations, earn promotions, and become leaders because we have goals, ambitions and a desire to leave a mark on the world. Surviving 2020 was, however, an accomplishment. We pivoted, adapted and evolved. We struggled with the extraordinary change in where and how we work. We […]