Thrive Leadership Program

Create something exceptional.

This is the place to solve the disruption problems getting in the way of your success.

To take clarity and certainty from disruption. To discover uncommon advantages that resonate with employees and customers. To unleash effective performance. 

Achieve best results. Ever.

The Thrive Leadership Program is purposely designed for the age of disruption that we find ourselves working in.

Your Thrive Leadership Program operates in the space between daily management and the business plan for 


on the most important priorities and challenges employees, customers and the company are facing.


of what is needed by your employees and customers to be successful.


in the direction to take your company, division, department or team for exceptional growth, uncommon advantage and continual relevance.

In short, with the Thrive Leadership program 

you will lead your good company, division, department or team into an incomparable one.

The process has been transformational for all three of our business operations, ranging from retail to production, distribution and construction services – which speaks to its universal application. The process engaged our entire organization in a meaningful and productive dialogue about the desired future state of our businesses and has impacted execution of our business strategy, brand marketing and rejuvenated our employee culture. I would heartily recommend SIG to any company that is prepared to authentically invest time and embrace open frankness in its future.

Ron B, CEO
North American diversified corporation

The field, court, rink or stage is the performance venue for athletes and artists. Now imagine your company, division or department becoming the performance venue on which your employees give their best performance. Every time out. 

A venue they so respect and revere that it is incomparable to any other place of work.

Wouldn’t that be exceptional.

Imagine your company, division, department or team becoming your customer’s first choice. A place so meaningfully different and essential to their success that you become incomparable to competition. 

Wouldn’t that be exceptional.

This will be your place when you transform your good company, division, department or team into something exceptional for employees, customers and you. 

This is Incomparability, the new, go-to strategy for the age of disruption.

We engaged SIG to assess where we were, where we wanted to go, and to develop a comprehensive plan to get there. David worked diligently with myself, my business partner and our management team to address the factors of our future success.

Our results include 2 years of 15% plus growth, including our best sales year ever. We have new customers and our team is as strong, talented, and highly focused as it has ever been.  I am happy to suggest that if you have the opportunity to work with David, he will have very positive effects on your business.

Warren P, President
North American Packaging and Display Company

Thriving in the age of disruption

Thrive will dial you in

on the why, what and how of the effects of disruption while keeping you focussed on plan, direction, goals and vision of the company with its disruption-tested planning and operating system.

Thrive energizes your planning process


the dynamic nature of new and emerging needs and behaviours of your employees and customers.


on their priority challenges and opportunities around performance and success.


your big data analytics, financial forecasts and market reviews with unique data points on your employees and customers for uncommon advantage and continual relevance.

Ready to disrupt the disruption in your business?

In your Thrive Leadership Program, you will

  • Leverage change and disruption to achieve your business goals
  • Learn up and apply fast for real, sustainable competitive advantage
  • Explore, experiment and iterate, without going off plan

Thrive Leadership Program at a Glance

Thrive is a 12-week, dynamic done-with-you program. We’ll unpack and apply 5 modules, each with its own Playbook, toolkits and assessments, in twice-weekly sessions. You have daily access to me, 24/7 access to the sessions and weekly Q&A to ensure your success.

Your program begins with a personalized onboarding session where we’ll do a deep dive into your goals, challenges and aspirations and desired outcomes so that we can tailor the program to fit your needs.

Here are some of the key outcomes you can expect to achieve in the Thrive Leadership Program:


✓ Create the big picture with your company, division, department or team’s Incomparable canvas

✓ Set your first 90 day goals and execute some Quick Wins

✓ Design/build your company, division, department or team’s Performance Ecosystem


✓ Identify and assess the disruptions in your company, division, department or team

✓ Clarity of priorities affecting performance and growth of employees, customers and the company with Current State assessment

✓ Build your Incomparable Flywheel of opportunity


✓ Establish your Incomparable State of compelling vision and direction

✓ Rethink your Positioning and Purpose into something exceptional

✓ Define your company, division, department or team’s super powers


✓ Define the killers and accelerators of growth, uncommon advantage and continual relevance

✓ Rejuvenate your culture for the era of disruptive change

✓ Design processes and systems for resilience, respect and reverence of your employees and customers


✓ Build your 90 Day plans for exceptional growth, uncommon advantage and continual relevance

✓ Use Dynamic Responsiveness to launch, learn, iterate and grow

David’s work offers a fresh, inclusive framework for future success that will become a reference for thinking differently about the potential and possibilities of your organization and the people within it. David not only proves that our issues are not as unique as we think or as difficult to resolve as we believe, but actively engages you in the pursuit of what is possible. Drawing on universal lessons and timeless concepts, everyone in every type of organization can benefit from the views and practices of this successful precedent.

Stephen W, CEO
Major National Retailer

The Thrive Leadership Program is available in group masterclass or custom company format. 

Book a Discovery Call to discuss the option best for you.