Busy. Busy. Busy.

Everybody is busy again. Many companies were fortunate to stay busy throughout the pandemic. Others are ramping up now.

In this heady business environment 90% of busy CEOs say they need to change the way they do business (McKinsey research) – and avoid more of the busyness. They recognize that running at capacity, due to a pandemic effect or good management, is not sustainable.

These CEOs understand that their customers have changed, markets have changed and the working environment has changed. You see this in your business.

It is a different business world now so what do we need to do differently to ensure sustainable success?

Running your business at capacity is not the same as operating at full potential

CEOs believe that sustainable success is possible if the gap between their current performance and potential performance can be closed. One path to sustainable success is to become more essential to their employees, customers and community.

They are looking at recalibrating relationships with employees, modifying their business models, evolving processes and systems for more agility and responsiveness, driving for more efficiency… of customization not commoditization.

CEO expectations are that closing the performance | potential gap creates more meaningful work for employees, more meaningful products and services for customers, better attraction and retention of both and more meaningful connections to markets and communities.

If closing the performance | potential gap is a route you are considering for your business, reach out to me and I’ll send a tool that will help you and your team ramp your business up to its full potential.

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