Outside forces. Financial pressures. Shifting demands and priorities. Disruption that threatens the security, stability and success of your organization.

Or not.

Reset the tone and outcome of your next conference, offsite or meeting to something exceptional.

Here is what David is speaking on right now:

RISE: Above Disruption & into Your Potential

We worked hard to get through the pandemic years only to find ourselves in the Age of Disruption, an era of post-pandemic, socio-economic and geopolitical turbulence that is forcing a great resetting of our needs and behaviours at work and at home.

In this inspiring presentation, brimming with optimism, insight and learning, David will prove to you that although we may be altered by the events of the last several years we can and will rise to be better than before. Together, we’ll explore three powerful questions 

What is next for me?

What am I doing this for?

What’s important now?

and the profound implications and opportunities they contain for you, employees, customers and your company. Learn how to shift from coping and hoping to striving and thriving in the Age of Disruption when you know how to

Unlock the potential in you, your team and customers 
by removing one powerful limiting belief

Unleash the most powerful part of our human nature 
to fuel the rise of potential in you, your team and company

Continually rise into your potential
with the technique that engages, motivates and inspires all.

Ideal for those looking to reimagine and reengage their professional potential.

Workshop available on this topic.

David’s message of human potential at the centre of a powerful force for change is an
important one for all businesses. Creating change requires us to adapt our mindset so we may
work and think in the future. David’s talk has many good ideas on how to do this.

Carlo L, President
European multinational, manufacturing

BECOMING INCOMPARABLE: Thriving in the Age of Disruption

We have become very skilled at navigating the near-constant disturbance of our post-pandemic world. But as organizations look into the future, they realize this is not enough to overcome the unprecedented challenges ahead. 

In this dynamic presentation David will take you to the source of disruption in your organization and show you how to create something truly exceptional from it by focussing on the two fundamental questions looming on your horizon.

How to become essential?

How to remain meaningfully differentiated?

to employees and customers, the people that matter most to your success.

David will show you how you will blaze your path through the Age of Disruption and elevate your employees and customers up out of disruption into a place of exceptional growth, uncommon advantage and continual relevance.

Using insights and practices honed over 30 years of socio-economic disruption learn to thrive in disruption with growth and success as unprecedented as your vision when you know

The Mindset of the Incomparable Leader… and how it motivates your employees to best-ever performance.

The Model for Growth in the Age of Disruption​… and how it changes everything – for the better – in your employee, customer and supplier relationships.

The 4 Momentum-Building Steps​…and how they move your organization to Incomparable – in less than 90 days.

Ideal for those seeking improved levels of growth and performance in their organization, teams and departments.

Workshop available on this topic.

David’s inspiring talk helped our team to think differently about our business. For the rest of our planning session we referred to his talk as a new way of looking at things.

Lisa C, Director of Human Resources, 
US multinational, manufacturing

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