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Efficiency makes you faster and cheaper
Efficiency makes you faster and cheaper but without effectiveness, efficiency becomes an open door on the floor of your organization. Effective organizations use the full potential of their talent, culture and customers to create results that exceed expectations.
Effective organizations know that talent is not a renewable resource
Effective organizations know that talent is not a renewable resource without conditions that advance growth. Effective organizations are more curious. They create ideas and solutions from healthy friction between departments and teams. They engage, share and collaborate.
Effective organizations know that culture is not one thing
Effective organizations know that culture is not one thing but a Culture of Things (CoT). There is no one definition of culture because it is not one thing. Culture is an ecosystem of values and beliefs, processes and systems, behaviours, symbols and stories. Effective organizations place culture at the heart of their innovation, brand experience, employee engagement and customer relationships. And it is their greatest competitive advantage.

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Become Better with Coaching

Coaching is an essential growth strategy. In my experience entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, leaders and owners sense the potential of their talent and their market opportunities and believe they are capable of better.

My role is to help you make the most of potential and opportunities, to break through barriers that are holding you and the company back from success. Together we will discover those aha moments of clarity and focus that unlock your potential for better.

Connect with David Edward to enjoy 1-2-1 Success Coaching!
You can add coaching to your Thrive Program or you can use coaching as a standalone service.
P.S. Each Thrive Stage includes a 30-minute call at no additional cost.

Are you a leader feeling stuck, or are you struggling with change, the pandemic, and being overwhelmed by the complexity of business today? Sometimes it feels like there are too many issues and opportunities, too much data, and this hyper-responsive environment means we have no time to think, plan, or consider. Something needs to change as you recognize the status quo methods just are not effective in today’s environment. Make uncertainty a thing of the past when you design your future with Thrive.

Are you feeling unsure about where you are at? Not reaching your goals or potential the way you should?
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Do you need a second opinion or alternative approaches?
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A weekly call with your coach, mentor, trusted advisor or the partner you wish you had (but don’t need to give shares to).
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