Get On with Work by Avoiding the Myth Traps

The world is opening up. The economy is beginning to roar back to life. Many people are eager to go into their places of work. Conditions are perfect for a “return to normal”. The first myth trap. The lull of normalcy We are eager to go into our places of work, not go back to […]

3 Things to Think About as You Rethink Everything

Rethink everything. This is the mantra for leaders right now. While the time is certainly right for a rethink, a review or a reconsideration as we contemplate a re-entry, a restart or a reinvention (okay enough with the re words) of our businesses, it is hard to find the time right now. We are busier […]

Bounce Back or Spring Forward?

How are you feeling?
It’s a question I have been asking clients and colleagues for several weeks now and the responses have been rich with insight into the human condition.

3 Questions That Will Change the Trajectory of Your Business

What a difference a year makes. We have barely caught our breath and now customers are wondering if we can keep up with them. Customers are demanding, anxious and creative in dealing with change, according to the 2021 Euromonitor study. Customers are speaking up. They want a seat at your table to talk about the […]

Innovation in Crisis

Katherine Haine, President & CEO of CityMedia interviews David Edward, Founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, about how to identify and manage the top 3 problems business owners face today. Watch the full interview below.