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    David’s work offers a fresh, inclusive framework for future success that will become a reference for thinking differently about the potential and possibilities of your organization and the people within it. David not only proves that our issues are not as unique as we think or as difficult to resolve as we believe, but actively engages you in the pursuit of what is possible. Drawing on universal lessons and timeless concepts, everyone in every type of organization can benefit from the views and practices of this successful precedent.
    Stephen G. Wetmore
    CEO, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited
    David’s inspiring talk helped our team to think differently about our business. For the rest of our planning session we referred to his talk as a new way of looking at things.
    Lisa Citton-Battel
    Director of Human Resources, 3M Canada
    David’s message of human potential at the centre of a powerful force for change is an important one for all businesses. Creating change requires us to adapt our mindset so we may work and think in the future. David’s talk has many good ideas on how to do this.
    Carlo Longo
    President, Interporto Della Toscana Centrale Spa, Italy
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    Let's Connect
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