The 90-Day Incomparable Canvas

Self Guided Program


  • Work at your own pace. Your self-guided Canvas program fits into your schedule
  • Take the time you need at any stage. Your self-guided Canvas program is available to you 24/7 for 90 days
  • Add tools and coaching whenever and only if you need it
  • Take advantage of the done with you components if you want a fresh perspective and opportunity to make your canvas even better

When you choose the self-guided program you get:

The 90-Day
Incomparable Canvas


Your one-page plan with the compelling vision and projects that will shift performance and results is all there on your Canvas.

The 90-Day Incomparable
Canvas Workbook


Use your expertise to step through the challenges and into the better performing business you envision in your 32 page Canvas workbook. 

Videos for Each Module
of the Program


The videos are your guide and motivation for the Workbook and Canvas. I’ll be with you every step of the way to your Incomparable Canvas.

Boost your success with the Self-guided Canvas product and service menu

  • Quick View

    Quick Win Momentum Sheet

    Guide USD $97.00
    Kickstart performance, engagement and even attitude with all the quick win ideas you will generate during your program. Keep track of all your momentum building projects over the next 90 days and beyond. The Quick Win Momentum Sheet will become an indispensable management tool for you.
  • Quick View

    Find Your Better Discovery Guide

    Guide USD $197.00
    Find your unique and meaningful differentiation by answering 8 key questions on "what makes our company, our products, our services better?". You will use the same technique Leonardo da Vinci used to make his world-changing discoveries to “find your better”.
  • Quick View

    The Ultimate Business Dashboard

    Guide USD $400.00
    Get clarity on the drivers and roadblocks of your company’s, department’s or team’s success. Focus your thinking and actions around the top priorities that will deliver better performance, productivity and profitability. Use the Ultimate Business Dashboard to measure your progress every 90 days. One coaching/discovery session is included with your Ultimate Business dashboard.
  • Quick View

    Leaders Guide to Creating a Team 90-Day Incomparable Canvas

    Guide USD $197.00
    Unleash the potential of others with this Leaders Guide filled with questions, exercises and tips that engage your peers, department, or team in the 90-Day Incomparable Canvas program. Choose this product if you’re interested in creating a Team Canvas.
  • Quick View

    On-Demand Coaching

    Coaching USD $159.00
    Need a little help? Looking for a second opinion or a fresh set of eyes to unlock the power in your thinking? Book a coaching session and together we’ll get you moving towards your goal.
  • Quick View

    Done With You Services

    Coaching USD $99.00
    Want help with your key statements? Want to find the most compelling and motivating language for your key outcomes? Book a session and we’ll get your work up to the level of your vision.

Performance is better. Engagement is up. It’s happening.
Just like you envisioned on your Canvas.

Build your momentum. Engage others. Look forward to success for another 90 days with

30/90 Momentum
Building Sessions

Celebrate your wins, share your progress and get the support and advice you need at the 30 and 60 day milestone of your program. A great way to get the accountability and motivation you need to power through the 90 days of your canvas.

The Team Canvas

You have your Canvas, now lead your team through it, get their input, their ideas and together create your Team Canvas. Additional videos, The Leaders Guide and all the materials needed to create this exciting Canvas is available in a you lead/we lead format.

The Next 90
Incomparable Canvas

Build on your success and great results with the Next 90 Incomparable Canvas and Workbook. It will answer the question you will be thinking about – “What happens next?”

Book a call for the details.

Book a call for the details.

Book a call for the details.

Take the important first step now – book your self-guided Canvas program now and we’ll walk you through the additional steps when you’re ready.