Planning. A Hamster Wheel of Futility
or Escalator of Opportunity?

It’s the unofficial start of the new business year and a new cycle of planning. Ugh, here we go again.

We are tired and worn down by the endless, disruptive change that requires us to adapt and change our plans. But, now we expect it. It has become the normal course of events. We expect more change, more disruption ahead in the next quarter and in 2023 and so we plan for it. And that’s a mistake.

The mistake I see business leaders making is planning for change instead of planning with it.

Planning for change is a mistake because it becomes scenario planning, a what-if defensive posture that builds reactions to changes in market, economic and supply conditions. It’s tiring, this constant reaction to what has happened in your market, the economy and company. And it changes you. Maybe this has happened to you at some point in the past two years?

Don’t fall into the planning for change trap this season.

Instead plan with change. Planning with change is a what-could-be offensive posture that builds company responses to the changes in needs and behaviours that emerge from the disruptive change events in market, economic, supply and social conditions. Planning with change focusses your people and the company on what happens next, where the next opportunity is. Could this become your next planning cycle?

Planning with change when change is rapid, chaotic and disruptive will create a high-flow pipeline of new growth opportunities, improve revenue, employee and customer relationships and business and brand relevance.

So, this season step off the hamster wheel and onto an escalator of opportunity that is more deserving of your time and attention.