Get On with Work by Avoiding the Myth Traps

The world is opening up. The economy is beginning to roar back to life. Many people are eager to go into their places of work. Conditions are perfect for a “return to normal”. The first myth trap. The lull of normalcy We are eager to go into our places of work, not go back to […]

Play to Win in the Last Quarter

This is the first week of the last quarter of 2021. How will you play it out? In my conversations with business leaders, I find the answer to this question generally falls into two camps. One camp takes a wait and see approach.There is uncertainty and a lack of clarity ahead for them and these leaders believe […]

The #1 Gap CEOs Need to Close

Busy. Busy. Busy. Everybody is busy again. Many companies were fortunate to stay busy throughout the pandemic. Others are ramping up now. In this heady business environment 90% of busy CEOs say they need to change the way they do business (McKinsey research) – and avoid more of the busyness. They recognize that running at […]

3 Ways to Transform the Tightrope of Change into a Runway of Success

If managing change feels like crawling backwards on a tightrope through gale force winds while the rest of the company tries to hold the rope steady, then this is for you. We all have our own struggles with the unprecedented change of the last 12 months. Our companies have been changed by pivots to new […]

3 Ways to Improve Efficiency and Do Better Work

Would you operate your business differently if it made your company more resilient, innovative and responsive? Your answer would likely be yes, sure I would. If operating differently made your company less efficient would you do it? Your answer would likely be no, not sure I would. Your skepticism is well-founded. Running less efficiently is […]